Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Activity 2.5 - Haiku

A haiku, for those who don't know, is a traditional Japanese form of verse, which is arranged in three unrhymed lines of a specific number of syllables - 5-7-5. Originally, haiku dealt in scenes of nature, attempting to capture a brief moment or impression, however Western haiku writers have often strayed from this natural subject-matter.

For our next activity we were encouraged to spend some time composing haiku. Not a problem - I've always loved haiku and find them very fun - and strangely relaxing - to write. Though you can be the judge of whether any of these are any good!

Damp grey rain, the days
Are overcast but we have
Beautiful evenings.

Melting sun, shafts of
Light slide from beneath shadowed
Clouds, the earth glowing.

Bump and clatter, bag
On the ground, bend and scrabble,
Eyes meet. ‘Sorry.’

Inside my head a
Scream grows, high and wailing. I
Am so very bored.

Misting rain hangs and
Settles, soft gauze over the
Ground, leaves glossed dark green.

A sailor’s trousers
All the blue I can see from
This tiny window.

Muscle ache, twist and
Grind, drag across the mattress.
Well, I am alive.

Light shading grey, soft
Pastel sky woven from blue-
Grey wool and cream silk.

Ribbons of roads stream
And flow triple-reflected
Above and around.


Louise said...

3, 6, 7

Good stuff!

Sarah said...

What, and the rest of them are rubbish?! I am insulted, madam and shall be revenged!

Louise said...

Be nice, my tummy is aching.